Do You Know?

  • You may qualify for the job retraining services.

  • Keeping your doctors is improtant to keep your benifits.

  • Each State has it's own complex administrative process.

Employers pay for Workers’ Compensation insurance to ensure that in the event of an injury sustained while on the job their employees will be able to fully recover without the stress of losing their income. You shouldn’t hesitate to pursue a claim for your workplace injury! You have a right to compensation, even if you may feel you’re responsible for the accident, or your claim results from aggravating a past injury.

Whether filing an initial application or appealing a denial, injured workers represented by a qualified workers’ compensation attorney have a far greater chance of getting approved and often receive more benefits than people who apply without an attorney on their side!

A qualified workers’ compensation attorney will legally represent YOUR rights, will fight to get you the maximum benefits, and specialized medical treatment necessary for your full recovery.

    If you have been:
  • Forced back to work before you’re recovered
  • Refused a claim form after informing your employer of your injury
  • Not allowed to see a needed medical specialist
  • Worn down by undetermined pain, stress and too many medications
  • Denied the compensation you deserve…
  • …Don’t settle your workers' compensation claim without the help of a workers’ compensation attorney!


Learn whether your injury will qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits.

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Apply for Workers’ Comp

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Applied. What Next?

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